Vision Board: Top 3 Important Steps You Need to Do to Create a Vision Board that Works

Just a couple years ago, I thought a vision board was just a poster with a whole bunch of pictures and quotes that should look great enough to post on your wall!  Prior to 2016, I pretty much threw my favorite pictures and quotes on a big piece of poster board, made it pretty and tossed it on my wall.  Later in the year I'd forget that I even created a vision board!


Little did I know, a well-organized vision board can be very powerful. For the year 2017, I created my first organized and well-thought out vision board that transformed my dreams into reality .


Here are 3 important steps you should do prior to designing your vision board! 


Step 1: Set a time frame for your vision board


Instead of pasting every possible picture related to your life time dream goals, focus on dreams that you plan on achieving in the upcoming year.  Be specific with your goals.


I'm known for being an avid dreamer. I would come up with numerous unrelated business ideas and try to implement each one. I made little bit of money but eventually failed at most of them. In prior years I would add all of my business ideas to my vision board, even those that I had no intentions on achieving within 5 years.


Seeing them all on my vision board overwhelmed me.  I felt obligated to achieve each goal and worst of all I didn’t even know where to start.  I decided that my 2017 vision board would contain less unrelated content. 


For example, one of my goals for 2017 was to reduce my debt. Instead of posting quotes and pictures on money, I posted pictures and quotes on paying off my school loans. Paying off my school loans was a major factor in me reducing my debt for 2017. 


Narrowing my focus to include deliberate outcomes with timeframes enabled me to create specific and attainable goals that reduced my debt!


Step 2: Take a holistic approach for creating your vision board.



Be sure to organize your goals in a balanced way that represents all areas of your life. 


I must admit, in past years, my primary focus was to make money.  While I have experienced how it feels to be financially comfortable; I lacked fulfillment and yearned for something more!


I wanted a peace of mind. I wanted to spend more time with family and friends. I needed my health and body to be in check.  More importantly I needed to be closer with God!  I lacked in all those areas because I neglected them. There was no balance in my vision board. Balance is the key to living a fulfilled life.


For example, organizing your vision board using the following categories could be helpful in creating that much needed visual balance:


Spiritual: How is your spiritual life? Do you often have primarily positive or negative thoughts? Do you pray or pray enough? Do you meditate enough? Do you talk with God or spiritual entity enough?  As you list ways to improve your spirituality think about how you want to feel within you and how you want that feeling to develop.


Financial:  What are your financial goals? Maybe you want to pay off some debt. Maybe you want to start a business that will create additional income. In this section, list ways you want to improve your financial life.


Health: Do you want to obtain or maintain great health?  What contributes to or challenges your ability to do so?  What strategies, supports, people, places and things help you to create and maintain a balanced healthy life?


Social: What about your social life? Are you neglecting your family and friends?  Maybe you want to list ways on how you can spend time with the people you love. Maybe you are already a social butterfly and you want to pull back a little and focus on yourself.


Leisure:  If there's anything in this world that you could do just for the pure reason of doing it, what would it be? In this section list things that you want to do for fun. Life balance is key.


***Many people confuse social with leisure. The difference between the two goes as follows: Social involves the people you want to socialize with while leisure is not dependent on a 3rd party. Leisurely refers to things you can accomplish on your own without the help of other people.***



 Education: Add items that you want to learn for the upcoming year. It could be a school subject like physics or something creative like learning how to bake a cake or sew clothing.  (Consider:  Add items that have peaked your interests whether it’s related to your career, school, recreation, self-improvement or other areas that allow you to grow as an individual and/or professional.)


Appreciation: It is very important to be grateful for what you already have and having this section in your vision board will be your constant reminder that you are indeed fortunate.  In this section you should list everything for which you are thankful.


Here is an awesome worksheet you can use to organize your goals!


Step 3: Decide whether you want to manually or digitally create your vision board


Understand what type of vision board works best for you.


The Manual Way


Sample Vison Boards.jpg

For the past couple of years, I've created my vision board manually by pasting pictures on a poster board. This is great for those who want to share the experience with others or just want a hands-on experience. Here are some of the tools and materials you need to create an amazing manual vision board. You can share the experience by hosting a vision board party!  Click here to find out how to plan a vision board party!


The Digital Way



You can use an online application to create a collage. There are so many cool websites that you can use to create collages. My favorite is PicMonkey.  I have found the digital way to be new, exciting and sleek! It also takes less time to create. If you want a tutorial on how to create a Digital Vision Board, drop a line below! If I receive enough requests I may create a tutorial!