6 Tips: Host the Vision Board Party of Your Dreams!

6 Tips: Host the Vision Board Party of Your Dreams!

I hosted a vision board party for about 40 people! I have to say that the planning process was not the easiest but I learned a lot and it was all worth it. After seeing enthusiasm from friends, family and even strangers I knew I had to follow through with the event!


Before I start, I want to mention that most vision board parties I’ve attended were on a smaller scale of about 5-8 people in someone’s house. These parties were more intimate and felt safer to share goals and aspirations with others. I decided to host a vision board event on a larger scale because I had so many requests from people who wanted to attend. I decided to make it open to everyone publically!


One of the challenges I encountered with planning my vision board party on a larger scale was coming up with ways to make every attendee in the room feel comfortable! I will show you ways I made the crowd more comfortable to create their vision board and surprisingly share their visions with others.


Another challenge that I encountered during my planning was finding bulk arts and craft supplies for cheap. Remember I had 50 attendees! So that means I needed 50 scissors! 50 adhesives materials aka glue and at least 50 poster boards. I also needed loads of magazines!!


I’m going to share some tips and trick I learned as I planned for my annual Vision Board Party.


When searching for a venue, make sure the capacity of the work space is more than the amount of people that will attend your event.


When creating vision boards, you need enough space to spread out and be creative. I searched for venues on line using Event up and Peerspace! Both websites are really easy to use. You can find different types of venues anything from someone’s apartment to a grand hall.


Since I was hosting a large party, I opted to use co-working space. I intended on 50 people attending my event but the capacity of the event allowed for 60 people seated. I had to take into account that my guests needed elbow room to design their vision board of their dreams! 


The space was spacious and it already had the tools I needed to host the party. Table and chairs were already set up in a way that people can work comfortably. Most importantly it was affordable!


Have an all-inclusive fee when hosting a large vision board party.


The last thing you want to do is start selling individual items at the venue. It takes away from the fun and ease when guests have to deal with money at the venue. I had a onetime entry fee that included all of the arts and craft material along with complimentary appetizers and (nonalcoholic) drinks.


You can buy the following items in bulk here:

* Items should be enough for about 40 people*

·       Poster board (40 bucks)

·       Scissors (10 bucks)

·       Glue Sticks (10 bucks)

·       Markers (16 bucks)

·       Pens/Pencils (9 bucks)

·       Color Pencils (11 bucks)


Include Icebreakers and group exercises throughout your event.


One of the hardest things with big crowds is getting them warmed up and comfortable! My party especially did not include alcohol so I couldn’t rely on that to get them relaxed. We all know after a drink or two people become brave! I couldn’t rely on that since I didn’t want my attendees boozed up while planning their visions for the year.


Instead I included fun icebreaker and group activity games. My favorite game is Icebreaker Bingo! This icebreaker is a hit with adults! It gets them moving around while getting to learn about each other.


Get your copy of the Icebreaker Bingo here.


Create a relaxing atmosphere.


Play inspiring and positive music. It could be upbeat or relaxing! Music is great way to set the mood of the environment. I used Pandora, a great


Encourage your attendees to limit their alcohol consumption or don’t serve alcohol at all.


This is a controversial one! I know what you are thinking. How can you have a party with no liquor! Remember this is a Vision Board party. The goal is to have fun but also plan for your future. You want to be in your right mind when planning!


Have special giveaways throughout the event.


Who doesn’t like free gifts?! Give away free gifts to encourage attendees to participate it various activities. You can also give away gifts through raffles. Either way your guests will love it and will have an incentive to participate!


I gave away goal digger planners and calendars. You can find other goal digger planners and paraphernalia here!