6 Tips: Host the Vision Board Party of Your Dreams!

6 Tips: Host the Vision Board Party of Your Dreams!

I hosted a vision board party for about 40 people! I have to say that the planning process was not the easiest but I learned a lot and it was all worth it. After seeing enthusiasm from friends, family and even strangers I knew I had to follow through with the event!


Before I start, I want to mention that most vision board parties I’ve attended were on a smaller scale of about 5-8 people in someone’s house. These parties were more intimate and felt safer to share goals and aspirations with others. I decided to host a vision board event on a larger scale because I had so many requests from people who wanted to attend. I decided to make it open to everyone publically!


One of the challenges I encountered with planning my vision board party on a larger scale was coming up with ways to make every attendee in the room feel comfortable! I will show you ways I made the crowd more comfortable to create their vision board and surprisingly share their visions with others.


Another challenge that I encountered during my planning was finding bulk arts and craft supplies for cheap. Remember I had 50 attendees! So that means I needed 50 scissors! 50 adhesives materials aka glue and at least 50 poster boards. I also needed loads of magazines!!


I’m going to share some tips and trick I learned as I planned for my annual Vision Board Party.


When searching for a venue, make sure the capacity of the work space is more than the amount of people that will attend your event.


When creating vision boards, you need enough space to spread out and be creative. I searched for venues on line using Event up and Peerspace! Both websites are really easy to use. You can find different types of venues anything from someone’s apartment to a grand hall.


Since I was hosting a large party, I opted to use co-working space. I intended on 50 people attending my event but the capacity of the event allowed for 60 people seated. I had to take into account that my guests needed elbow room to design their vision board of their dreams! 


The space was spacious and it already had the tools I needed to host the party. Table and chairs were already set up in a way that people can work comfortably. Most importantly it was affordable!


Have an all-inclusive fee when hosting a large vision board party.


The last thing you want to do is start selling individual items at the venue. It takes away from the fun and ease when guests have to deal with money at the venue. I had a onetime entry fee that included all of the arts and craft material along with complimentary appetizers and (nonalcoholic) drinks.


You can buy the following items in bulk here:

* Items should be enough for about 40 people*

·       Poster board (40 bucks)

·       Scissors (10 bucks)

·       Glue Sticks (10 bucks)

·       Markers (16 bucks)

·       Pens/Pencils (9 bucks)

·       Color Pencils (11 bucks)


Include Icebreakers and group exercises throughout your event.


One of the hardest things with big crowds is getting them warmed up and comfortable! My party especially did not include alcohol so I couldn’t rely on that to get them relaxed. We all know after a drink or two people become brave! I couldn’t rely on that since I didn’t want my attendees boozed up while planning their visions for the year.


Instead I included fun icebreaker and group activity games. My favorite game is Icebreaker Bingo! This icebreaker is a hit with adults! It gets them moving around while getting to learn about each other.


Get your copy of the Icebreaker Bingo here.


Create a relaxing atmosphere.


Play inspiring and positive music. It could be upbeat or relaxing! Music is great way to set the mood of the environment. I used Pandora, a great


Encourage your attendees to limit their alcohol consumption or don’t serve alcohol at all.


This is a controversial one! I know what you are thinking. How can you have a party with no liquor! Remember this is a Vision Board party. The goal is to have fun but also plan for your future. You want to be in your right mind when planning!


Have special giveaways throughout the event.


Who doesn’t like free gifts?! Give away free gifts to encourage attendees to participate it various activities. You can also give away gifts through raffles. Either way your guests will love it and will have an incentive to participate!


I gave away goal digger planners and calendars. You can find other goal digger planners and paraphernalia here!




Business Lessons I learned from my embarrassing flight episode

Business lessons I learned from my embarrassing flight episode

The most embarrassing thing happened to me on the plane on my way to New York from Dubai. As I am typing this blog I await the verdict of whether I stay in my current business class seat or get demoted to my original economy class seat. It will all make senses as you read on!


I like to fly business class when I am traveling 12 hours or more. Since I didn’t have enough points to upgrade I decided to use my luck at the ticketing counter and ask the ticketing agent to purchase a business class ticket. I asked the agent whether they had any available seats and she said yes. I also asked how much it would cost and she told me a whopping 6 thousand dollars!!! And that was for a one way ticket!!!


Now Emirates Airline is known for having expensive flights and I have to tell you, compared to other airlines the service and seating comfortability is above average, so its actually worth it! The economy class has great leg room and the Business class has great service and spacious seating.


However, I definitely was not going to pay 6 thousand dollars for a 1 way ticket so I decided against it. The agent suggested that I ask the flight attendants once I get on the plane because it might be cheaper. Purchasing an upgrade on the aircraft is cheaper because the price does not include the lavish executive lounge or the priority checking. It also does not include the generous 32 kg baggage allowance opposed to the 23kg baggage allowance for economy class passengers.


I decided to request for an upgrade while onboard and thankfully they had an available seat in Business class. I was overjoyed! So I picked my hand bag and removed my carry on from the over head bin and trotted my way upstairs  to the business class section of the plane. Now I am in a comfortable seat that reclines as flat as a bed. I have my personal compartment for my handbag and shoes and I don’t need to see my neighbor if I don’t want to because there are dividers in-between each seat.  As soon as I sat down the flight attendant offered me some champagne. I am excited at this point. I smiled at my new neighbor that is seated more than arms length away from me! Yes arms length! Now if you flew on a plane before, you know that that is luxury space!!


As I  sip my Champagne, the manager comes up to me and loudly says. I need your "credit card and boarding pass. It will cost 2,700 dollars for the upgraded seat. I thought to myself, that is quite expensive given that my original economy ticket was only 900 dollars round trip. The cost of the upgrade  could pay for  3 round trip tickets to Dubai!! I was a little annoyed at my self that I didn’t ask for the price prior to moving from economy.


Since I was already in the seat, it felt embarrassing to get up and remove my bag again and take that shameful walk back to my original seat in  economy class. So instead I reluctantly pulled out my Debit card with a wide fake smile. The agent looked puzzled and looked at me and said we only take Credit cards on the plane. My heart sunk! I started sweating and my stomach started turning.


The only credit card I had was my American Express card the spending limit was only 2000 dollars. Thankfully the plane had to take off in 5 mins so the manager decided to take my payment after the plane took off. This bought me some time to think of ways to come up with the money.


So now I'm worried and try to think about how I can come up with 700 dollars. I searched through my bag and was able to find 200 American dollars and 3000 dirham, with both currency combined it came up to 1,100 US dollars. I took a deep breathe and thanked Jesus!


The plane finally takes off and the manager comes back and requests for my credit card again. I gave her my credit card with the 2000 dollar limit and my American and Dubai currency. At this point I am already embarrassed, and people are chiming in on what is happening. She looks at me with the same concerned expression and tells me that they can only accept one form of payment!


I couldn’t believe this was happening to me! She actually made me get up and go back downstairs to the economy class. She saw how embarrassed I was and allowed me to go through the back of the plane. I can't stop laughing at my self! At least she was nice enough to find me another seat that had nobody sitting next to me. Very embarrassing but a very huge lesson!


Lessons Learned:


You may not be comfortable where you are in life but still be thankful and content!


I didn’t look at the current situation as a blessing. The economy seat is above average but I just wasn’t content! I had to find other seating options even though I didn’t need it.



Be prepared before making the move!


In the back of my mind I knew that I would want to upgrade my seat even before I arrived to the airport. I should have arranged all of this prior to getting to the airport.


Don’t procrastinate. Do your research before starting.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions!


If I had asked questions I could have avoided the shame I felt on the plane.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions especially if you don’t have full details about a situation or deal. Asking the right questions put you in the position to succeed.


If you fail keep your head up high!


Yes moving to business class was an epic fail but for sure I will take notes and make sure I don’t make the same mistakes again!


It's all a part of the process and the experience. You will make mistakes. Its what you do when that happens that count. What will you do to avoid that same mistake again? Take notes and adjust your actions so that it won't happen again or as frequent.