At A.I.M. Unlimited, our mission is to inspire new entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and equip them with the tools, ideas, and community to encourage and support each step of their way.



Who we are...

At A.I.M. Unlimited, we Aspire, Inspire, Motivate. There is no limit to what an entrepreneur can do.

Founded in 2017, A.I.M. Unlimited is a social enterprise available to all entrepreneurs looking for assistance to realize their full potential. All curious professionals are encouraged to visit A.I.M. Unlimited events, which are open to the public, with no additional commitment.

A.I.M. events attract fantastic people sharing great ideas.


What We Do...

A.I.M. hosts entrepreneurial events and meet-ups at venues throughout NYC.

Events focus on topics such as validating startup ideas, finding financial backing, and growing a platform. Participants discover actionable insights and connect with successful entrepreneurs and peers.

We invite you to preview coming events or suggest a topic or speaker for a new event. And, of course, we invite you to participate in the events that appeal to your particular needs.


Why We Do It...

A trusted community creates power for each individual. A.I.M. Unlimited aims to carry each person closer to their dreams, because our founders have experienced what can happen when the right people and ideas get together.

Professionals join A.I.M. Unlimited to get inspired, empowered, and reach their full potential.

Wherever you are on your entrepreneurial path, there is an event for you at A.I.M. Unlimited. Come take the next steps towards achieving your greatest life and career goals.